Prof. Peer

For many people, the so-called "healthy life" is too burdensome. Stress and pressure often do not allow time for a balanced meal in peace and quiet. Instead of healthy food, you quickly and hastily eat whatever you can get between appointments. At the same time, the strain and stress in everyday life and in leisure are increasing. The result is a growing demand for vitamins and other vital building substances.

Together with scientists, the longtime active athlete and sports coach in matters of nutrition, Prof. Wolfgang Peer, has developed a first-class dietary supplement in accordance with the latest scientific findings. The product range by Peeroton has been successfully employed in elite sports and is distinguished by its unique quality and purity according to pharmaceutical standards.

Peeroton was founded in 1994. The high-quality products provide both health-conscious people as well as competitive athletes with the building substances that the body needs to generate full power. As Peeroton products show a high compatibility with the stomach, they are also used in clinical area.

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Prof. Wolfgang Peer